Mr Harrigan’s Phone film review: Hang up on Netflix’s new horror movie, the hollowest of Stephen King adaptations 2022

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mr harrigan's phone

Mr Harrigan’s Phone film review: Netflix’s useless Stephen King adaptation — starring Jaeden Martell and Donald Sutherland — is neither horrifying nor specially privy to its very own silliness.

Ignoring the expectancies related to the names of manufacturers Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum, Mr Harrigan’s Phone — ostensibly a horror film — is neither camp nor specially horrifying. That it has the maximum preposterous premise of any movie that Jaeden Martell — the famous person of The Book of Henry, one of the most weird movies of the decade — has seemed in need to inform you precisely how unusual it’s far.

Mr Harrigan’s Phone is primarily based totally on a quick tale through Stephen King, proving once more that Hollywood is inclined to supply pretty much some thing so long as it’s far satisfied that the fabric is marketable. At this factor, you can pitch (and ultimately get the inexperienced mild on) a mystery primarily based totally on King’s grocery list.

This isn’t the primary time that Netflix has paid to supply a movie primarily based totally on his work, however at the same time as every preceding adaptation — Gerald’s Game, 1922, In the Tall Grass — had some thing going for it, Mr Harrigan’s Phone fails to realize the inherent humour withinside the tale of an antique guy who keeps a correspondence with a younger boy from past the grave, and on occasion commits murders on his behalf.

Mr Harrigan’s Phone Plot Twist

Martell, who formerly starred as Bill Denbrough withinside the It films, performs the unremarkable teen Craig, who’s employed through the billionaire Mr Harrigan (performed through Donald Sutherland) to study him novels due to the fact his imaginative and prescient is failing. Nothing creepy approximately this at all.

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Craig indicates up at Mr Harrigan’s mansion (in Maine, of course) three times a week, and proceeds to study him exquisite literary works consisting of Crime and Punishment, Heart of Darkness, and A Tale of Two Cities. This is going on for 5 years — Craig behaving like a human podcast and Mr Harrigan sitting silently throughout from him — till Craig has the great concept to shop for his corporation a primary technology iPhone.

This way, he tells Mr Harrigan, they might speak every time they need to. Nobody recognizes the strangeness of this set-up; now no longer Craig, now no longer Craig’s loving father, and definitely now no longer Mr Harrigan. Although at one factor the antique guy asks him why he maintains to reveal up for his or her appointments, now that he likely has higher matters to do, and Craig spouts a few nonsense approximately experiencing ‘a experience of power’ that he doesn’t have outdoor of that room.

But that doesn’t give an explanation for why the complete metropolis turns a blind eye on a reclusive antique guy who has a teenage boy go to him more than one instances a week, ‘to study him stories’. Sure.
This isn’t even the most weird aspect approximately this film, though. That takes place while Mr Harrigan dies, and Craig, in a suit of sadness, sneaks the antique guy’s iPhone into his casket. And quickly enough, he’s satisfied that Mr Harrigan is texting him from six toes under. Time is going through, however the spectre of Mr Harrigan refuses to depart Craig alone. It turned into at this factor that I, having given the movie the gain of the doubt, determined that it’s likely approximately sexual abuse.

Childhood trauma is a fave subject matter of King’s, and definitely, Mr Harrigan’s shady company heritage should without difficulty be a stand-in for the Catholic church. In fact, I notion to myself, every other horror movie from this year — The Black Phone, primarily based totally on a quick tale through King’s son Joe Hill — did a much higher task with comparable middle concepts.

But I turned into mistaken. Mr Harrigan’s Phone isn’t a film approximately adolescence trauma. It’s a film approximately the ills of technology. It’s dull, fully missing in self-awareness, and painfully unadventurous. Imagine fabric like this withinside the fingers of a person like Sam Raimi; it’ll pop, despite the fact that he sticks to the technophobia subtext.

In the fingers of director John Lee Hancock, however, Mr Harrigan’s Phone is any such waste of time that even Netflix didn’t suppose it merits a plum Halloween launch date. Hancock has made all varieties of films in his journeyman career — conflict dramas, Oscar-bait, goofy crime thrillers — however that is his first horror movie.

Perhaps the largest indication that he’s virtually treating this film as a few type of severe cautionary story approximately the autumn of guy comes on the end, while he offers himself the vastly pretentious ‘written for the display and directed through’ credit. For context, that is what human beings like Paul Thomas Anderson and Andrew Dominik might do.

And they maximum definitely aren’t scraping the lowest of the barrel for Stephen King films to adapt, particularly now no longer the kind that you’d need to hold up on 3 mins in.

Mr Harrigan’s Phone

Director – John Lee Hancock
Cast – Jaeden Martell, Donald Sutherland
Rating – 1.5/5


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