How to Fix Malwarebytes Blocking Website issue

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Malwarebytes Antivirus

Malwarebytes is a top software program which offers various security tools for device and data. Your Malwarebytes inspects the system and removes all the viruses. It is better known for detecting and removing the PUPs from your device. Malwarebytes also allows the user to install another security software. Most of the antivirus programs conflict with another security program but you can use Malwarebytes by making few changes on its settings.

Malwarebytes is blocking the website

Malwarebytes has a browser security tool. When you browse anything on the net; Malwarebytes inspects the result pages. It filters out the secure pages. But when the user clicks on any unsafe URL; malware blocks the website to keep the system secure. When Malwarebytes blocks the site; it shows the message on your screen that the site is suspicious. You should not access the harmful sites on your system. Many of those sites are malicious. When the user clicks on the site; hackers enter the device and steal your information. Sometimes malicious programs get installed and they start corrupting the files and monitoring the activities. But many times users reported that Malwarebytes is blocking reliable sites.

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes is blocking issues

Disable your firewall

The firewall inspects the network for any kind of harmful data packets. If any of the dangerous files are trying to enter the system; the firewall restricts it. But sometimes; the firewall inspects the secure file as malicious and blocks the network. Whenever the firewall suspects your URL as a malicious one; check the site. Try to open the file when you are sure that the file is safe to open. You can open the site by disabling the firewall on Malwarebytes. 

  1. Open the dashboard of your Malwarebytes 
  2. Tap on your Settings button
  3. Click on the Protection page
  4. Now go to the Real-time protection tab and disable the firewall

Open the browser and retry to access the URL. After accessing the site; go to your Malwarebytes and enable the firewall.

Update the Malwarebytes setup

Your Malwarebytes won t open or show site-blocking issues when the interface is outdated. When your Malwarebytes is blocking all the sites on the internet; then you need to check for a new update. Go to your Malwarebytes and inspect for the latest Malwarebytes update. If you see the update; download it on the system. Now reopen Malwarebytes and check the updated features. On the browser, click on the site you want to access.

Turn off the VPN

When you are not able to site which requires login like mailing and gaming account then check the VPN. The VPN in Malwarebytes is used for securing the device on an unreliable network. It covers the IP of your system to protect it from hackers. But sometimes the VPN interrupts the network while logging into the account. Many sites have good security interfaces. Whenever anyone tries to log in to the account from a new geographical location; it restricts the login process. Mostly this error occurs when you have opened the same account on two devices but from different geographical locations. VPN changes the IP location and the site isn’t able to detect whether the login is done by the user or not. When you are unable to log in to the site then disable your Malwarebytes VPN. Go to your settings and disable it. Now login to your account and then access it easily. 

Make changes to your Malwarebytes settings

Malwarebytes antivirus allows the user to install another security program. When you install a security program along with Malwarebytes; it doesn’t show conflict issues but increases the security. In an account for using your Malwarebytes with another antivirus; you have to make various changes. Users shouldn’t use the same tool on both programs. Malwarebytes can show blocking site issues when the user has enabled the browser security feature on both security software. Open the Malwarebytes and then disable the secure browsing feature. Again try to load the website and check for the error.

Reinstall the Malwarebytes setup 

Your Malwarebytes shows various errors when the program files get into some error. When your program files are missing or get corrupted then you have to fix them. Instead of repairing the corrupted Malwarebytes files; you can reinstall the new Malwarebytes set up on the system.

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