Android Vs. iOS Development: What Suits Your Product Idea?

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We all know that Android and iPhone applications are far better than traditional websites while accessing information, products, and services. So, it’s crucial for a product owner to choose a suitable platform to create an application for its product idea. For the past few years, iOS and Android application development services have been dominating the market of operating systems. Deciding whether to choose an iOS or Android app development to present your product idea in the form of a smartphone application is a tough nut to crack. 

In the field of software production, the scope for both iOS and Android app development is bright and stable. The mobile users across the globe have crossed the 3 billion mark, and there are expectations of huge growth in this number in upcoming years, says the world’s leading market and consumer data provider, Statista.

Such an increment is the opportunity for every product owner to implement their product idea into the application with the help of an Android app development company in the UK to fulfill the business needs and user preferences.

To be an elegant and relevant entity in such a competitive application market, Product owners need to make the correct decisions right from the beginning. 

Here in this article, we will give an overview of the pros and cons of both iOS and Android application development to help product owners make the suitable choice for their product idea, company, or services.

Android Vs. iOS Development

While executing either Android or custom iOS application development, you will have to hire efficient developers for various tasks like writing codes and are known to several Android application development services available on the internet. These services bring the best out of your product idea and will help you in enhancing the success rate for your product or business.

Being a product owner, you should keep an eye on the following requirements while carrying out the Android application Development.

Coding Language & Development Tools

Java is the basic programming language required for Android application development. Several derivatives of Java are also useful in creating complex features of an android application. Moreover, The Android app development company in the UK you have hired may use Google development tools like:

Android Jetpack

It is a set of libraries that help developers decrease boilerplate code, follow effective practices, and write code that functions with consistency across different Android versions and gadgets.


Being one of the most popular and extensive smartphone application development platforms, Firebase helps in boosting app engagement and providing acceleration in development.

Android SDK

Android SDK is a development and debugging tool kit along with Android Studio and an integrated environment for development.

While In the case of custom iOS application development, developers at iOS application development services mainly use Objective-C or Swift. Following are the tools iPhone Application development services use while carrying out a custom development:


It is a software development kit with Cocoa Touch User Interface Framework integration. The framework offers elements in a graphical manner, UI controls, and some more exciting features.

Swift Playgrounds

It is a development environment that makes learning Swift easier.


TestFlight is an online service that helps in over-the-air testing and installation. It also gives developers the privilege to test applications and collect feedback before publishing them on the app store.


It is a comprehensive, integrated development environment for iOS application development.

Global Market Share

In case you want to target the major global market share while developing an application for your product or enterprise. Then, you can choose from the best Android application development services to develop an Android app as it holds around three times the shares of any iOS apps.

Application Design

If you have ever used iOS as well as Android apps, then it will be easier for you to recognize the difference in the design and feel of the two. The User Interface design principles for iOS and Android apps are different. 

In case you have chosen to hire one of the best mobile app development services, you will not have to follow the official design guidelines of the Google Play Store for Android app development and guidelines of Apple’s app store for iOS app development, as their expertise will ease you through the development process.

Development Costs

You will have to pay $100 per year to publish the iOS app for your product idea on Apple’s App Store, along with higher prices for businesses and service providers. But, when you choose to hire an Android app development company in the UK to develop your app, $25 is the development cost you will have to pay once in a lifetime to publish your app on Google Play Store.

As a product owner, it’s your responsibility to take these costs into strict consideration from the beginning of the development procedure. In case your monetization plans don’t match your business needs as per your expectations, you might face problems to see a good return on your investment.

Other Important Factors

iOS applications take a longer time to get on the market than Android applications. Also, you will have to wait for at least two weeks to add an update in iOS applications, while you can add the android app as soon as the Android app development company in the UK delivers you the app after completing the development process.

Final Thoughts

According to the above information, a product owner should choose custom iOS application development if he/she:

  • Wants to earn higher revenue per customer.
  • Is seeking for straightforward development procedure.
  • Wants to prioritize the security of users’ data and privacy.

While choosing Android application development will be a good decision if he/she:

  • Wants to target the majority of smartphone users.
  • Customize the application frequently.
  • Has tight deadlines and a budget to publish the application on the app store.

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